Right Revenue



Right Revenuefounded by CEO Adrienne Hanna, is powerful forecasting and business analytics software that is designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry. Right Revenue will help maximise every revenue opportunity and add profit straight to the bottom line.


  • User Experience Research 
  • User Interface Design 
  • Royalty Free Assests 
  • WordPress CMS integration
  • Google Analytics Implemented
  • Ongoing maintenance and support


The Problem: At the time, Right Revenue did not have a promotional website, despite the ongoing success of the company.

Adrienne was keen to get the ball rolling. Her business was gaining a great deal of publicity and was rapidly expanding. The Right Revenue website needed to be designed, built and launched within a fairly quick turn around. A challenge that we were only too happy to take on. Fundamentally, the website had to increase brand awareness and help establish Right Revenue as a world-class forecasting and business analytics solution.

The solution: Deliver a world class website that expressed the outstanding work Right Revenue do. Responsive, professional, slick and modern was absolutely vital.


We're very much a "User Experience" orientated company. It's very much at the heart of all our design decisions. Torr Creative truly believe that regardless of budget, research can - and absolutely should - always be conducted.

During this project, we carried out a competitive analysis and rated other websites based on contentdesignfeatures and functionality. This was insightful, as we could observe what other competitors were doing in the market, which also helped us attain domain knowledge on what forecasting and business analytics software could do.

Using the service What Users Do, we were able to observe representative users interact with competitor websites. It became apparent what information was useful, how that information could be presented in a more "readable" way, and how long it would take for participants to complete certain tasks. To read more about our research methods, you can follow the link here to Usability Testing - The Quest for Honest User Feedback

The combination of our ongoing conversations with Adrienne as well as insightful research enabled us to move on to the design phase, confident and armed with knowledge. 


With a pencil and some paper, we always start sketching. Simple, rough sketches that become more refined overtime. At no point did we ever present this back to Adrienne, but we often like to use sketches as an anchor point for our own designs. If a project calls for it, there is indeed an opportunity to wireframe - but in this instance, and given time constraints, the team moved straight into creating concepts in Sketch App.

Sketch App allows us to efficiently create, and quickly edit, designs if amendments are required through stakeholder feedback.

Adrienne was able to see the design iterate over the coming days as we considered colours, typography, layout, photography and hierarchy. The entire process was exceptionally smooth, and giving Adrienne visibility meant that she was able to make suggestions right up until the website went live.


Last, and certainly not least, comes the important stage of building the website based upon agreed designs. WordPress, our Content Management System of choice, is the most popular, most versatile and most supported CMS in use today. 

Our WordPress builds are mobile first, meaning that regardless of what device you're viewing your website on - customers are getting the best experience possible. Phone, tablet or desktop. Through consistent communication and complete transparency, Adrienne was able to follow the progress of the build right up until launch day.


We were able to design, build and deliver the exact website that Adrienne requested, within the amount of time agreed upon. From the discovery phase, we knew what this project meant to Adrienne, and the value that she had personally attached to it. It was an enjoyable project from start to finish, and Torr Creative were privileged to be a part of it.


"As a founder in the crazy world of 'start-up', time is precious and whilst I was consumed with trying to get my own business of the ground, one of the huge projects that I desperately needed completed was a website to showcase my ideas and my product.  Torr Creative were recommended by someone else in start-up community and I am eternally gratefully that I found them.
They listened, which these days in unusual to find.  They wanted to learn about my business and researched my industry before he even started the project. The whole process was collaborative and stress free from start to finish.
Torr Creative delivered a website that has not only helped me profile my business but also provides a simple 'back-end' that can be changed and updated as my business grows.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend them and I hope to continue working with them as my business and online presence grows."
Adrienne Hanna, Founder & CEO